Erin, Sara Foster forged own paths despite growing up ‘privileged’: ‘You’re responsible for your own destiny’

As the daughters of Grammy-winning producer David Foster, Erin and Sara Foster will be the first to tell you that they’ve been “raised with privilege.” However, they also know that they’ve worked hard to forge their own paths — ones that are completely separate from their famous father.

“We weren’t really raised in the public eye because our dad was a behind-the-scenes person,” Erin told Fox News. “But I will say being raised with privilege, I think that there’s a lot of judgment that comes with it and we would never be so presumptuous to pretend like we haven’t had a leg up on someone who has no resources and no help in the world and no one to open a door for them and no opportunities.”

She continued: “That being said, you can have all of the resources and open doors in the world, but if you know don’t know what to do with them, they’re useless. And we know plenty of kids who grew up with privilege, who grew up wealthy — way more privilege than [us] — and they do nothing with their lives.”

And with hits like the 2015 VH1 comedy series “Barely Famous,” the Foster sisters have found success in their own right.

Erin wrote, executive produced and appeared in the 2018 TV movie “Daddy Issues,” while Sara starred in the CW drama, “90210,” from 2009 to 2012. Not to mention, both ladies are currently the Heads of Creative for Bumble, have created their own fashion line.

“Tide hasn’t mentioned our dad, which they tell us they don’t know yet,” Erin teased. “So I think we got this on our own, but I can’t be sure.”

Joking aside, the star explained that the pair is “really careful” when it comes to partnering with a brand.

“We don’t ever want to partner with a brand that we aren’t comfortable using ourselves, telling our friends to use, and most importantly, telling the people, who trust us, to use as well,” Erin clarified.

“And the truth is, we both really relate to the idea of being scared to wash something because it feels like everything that you really love like the perfect black t-shirt or the perfect black jeans, they discontinue it and they become unavailable,” she continued. “So I started feeling like I had to buy three pairs of everything that I loved, which I can’t afford and you can’t dry clean everything because it’s so expensive also.

“So the fact that Tide told us about this new product that was coming out, Studio, it really resonated with us. It feels like something that we need in our life, that our friends need in their life and everyone who follows us would want to know about.”

On social media, the sisters each have over 400,000 fans — and for anyone who follows them, Sara, 38, explains that a “big part” of their accounts is focused on “putting honesty out there.”

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